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Alysha James Pre-Sale

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Hi ladies!

Okay, we have been pretty silent the last few months as we have been working tirelessly on a brand-new platform. Here's what we have been up to!

Our mission is to not only give women the education and tools to start their own business, but also to empower them to reach their full potential in business and life.
The Alysha James Academy was created to give a unique perspective to "online beauty courses". We wanted to create a platform where we not only provide the technical training, but also the skills and education you need to launch a successful business within the beauty industry. This is how our "Million Dollar Beauty Business" training was born.
We have done something, no one has done before. No longer will you have to pay for each individual course when wanting to add a new service or sharpen your skills.
Our Million Dollar Beauty Business training includes it all!
· Access to all 12 courses. (Curriculum and video)
· Certification upon completion of each course.
· New courses added monthly.
· Over 500 editable social media and marketing posts.
· Waivers, client forms and aftercare templates for each course.
· Printable & editable content planner.
· Printable & editable business plan template.
· Printable & editable business cards, flyers and marketing materials.
· Top 10's (business apps, podcasts, tools and much more).
· eBook. How to build a Million Dollar Beauty Business.
· eBook. Social Media for a Million Dollar Beauty Business.
This new platform is completely automated. You will receive custom login. Learn anywhere, anytime! 24/7 access.
Every month we will be launching two new courses, new content and a monthly newsletter to keep you up to date with the latest in the beauty industry.
Every course contains step by step video tutorial, in-depth curriculum, quiz, 30-50 editable social media and marketing templates, editable and printable aftercare templates and printable client waivers.
This platform holds a value of over $10,000!
We are running a pre-sale to all our current clients. 3-month full access to absolutely everything for $499.99! If you choose to keep going after 3 months, your monthly membership will be $49.99.
Pre-sale ends September 17th.
Site launches Sunday October 1st!
$250 deposit to register. Balance due day of launch!
Available day of launch.
1. BBl & Vacuum Therapy
2. Spray Tan
3. Teeth Whitening
4. Tooth Gem
5. Microdermabrasion
6. Facials
7. High Frequency
8. Dermaplaning
9. LED Light Therapy
10. Lash Lift & Tint
11. Brow Lamination
12. Permanent Jewelry
November 1st:
1. Body Contour
2. Sauna Blanket
December 1st:
1. Lymphatic Drainage Massage
2. Relaxation Massage.
January 1st:
1. Microblading
2. Micro needling


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